Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm a total dog mom and proud of it

I don't think there is one pet owner out there who doesn't find their dogs personality to be adorable, entertaining, funny, sweet, odd and most of all, more interesting than other animal :)  So here is me bragging on my sweet fur babies!

My two Doxies are father and son. Louie (Also known as Lou, Lou Bear, Lou Dog, and Bear) is definitely one of a kind. This 7 year old boy doesn't know that he is any different than any other dog despite the fact that he lost mobility of his back half over 3 years ago.  He loves his toys and will put up a good fight if you try to take them from him. His tiny little stomach is never full because he is convinced he always has room for whatever you are eating. He is tough, silly and mostly sweet. His sweet face can change any bad day around in an instant.Oliver is Louie's son and although they do look alike, he is very different. Ollie is quiet and extremely lovable. He doesn't play rough, he likes to cuddle. He prefers to be wrapped up tight in his blankets with only his nose sticking out. He is energetic but only shows it in random bursts of energy where he runs in circles around the house. He is by far the sweetest and cuddliest dog I've ever had.

Sparco (Spark, Bo, Bobo, Big Guy) is truly one of a kind. I had no idea just how extremely smart, loyal and loving a German Shepherd could be until we got this sweet boy. He is obsessed with tennis balls! Obsessed! He loves to play fetch and to be outside. He is my shadow and follows me everywhere I go. By far the whiniest dog I have ever had in my entire life but I don't mind because he is so cute. He is completely unaware of his 110 pound self. He thinks he fits just fine on a bed with you when in fact he is sprawled out sideways leaving you with a 2 by 3 foot space to sleep on a queen bed. Learning comes easy for this guy. He knows our schedule and often can predict our behavior. I feel so safe and protected when he is by my side. He alerts me to any and every concern and assures me that he will take care of me.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Too tired to play so I'll take your picture :)

I'll keep this short and sweet since it's Easter weekend and we all have plenty of things to do. When I went down to my brother's house last week I snagged these photos of Taylor and Carter while we were playing. Pregnant Aunt Hannah or "HeHe" as I am most commonly known, was too tired to run around  much but I had enough energy to chase them down for a few pics. My little buddy, Miss Taylor is almost 5 years old and I can't believe it! I told her to "slow her roll" because she is growing up to fast to which she replied "you know I can't do that." :)  Carter is changing so much every time I see him. When I finally catch him for a picture I say "Got you!" He always looks at me in disbelief and insists on seeing the camera screen for proof and grins when he sees that I have in fact caught his cute little face on my camera. Never get tired of taking pictures of their sweet little faces and rotten little grins. 
Everybody have a wonderful Easter!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cute babies and toddlers that I love

 These are pictures from this past week of visiting and babysitting. I am so blessed to get to spend time with these kids. All of my nieces and nephews are so precious to me. Here is a little bit about the 3 you see pictured above.

 From time to time I go to visit my sister and her 19 month old daughter, Anniston. It's a strange and awesome thing to look at your niece and instantly see your sister in her eyes. I love her to pieces. Anniston by this point knows that I am the lady who visits a lot and looks and sounds kinda like her mom. She likes me by now, I think :)  We read books, watch Disney movies and run around the house being obnoxious while my sister gets things around the house done which she normally wouldn't have time for. As I sit with Anniston (a.k.a. Peanut) and watch movies like Aristocats and Little Mermaid I realize that I am actually a small child in a 25 year old's body. I don't think I will ever turn down watching Disney movies and sometimes I prefer the soundtracks of those movies to most other music :)  

The Kammel Twins I babysit twice a week. They are my cousin's kids to which I just call my nieces since I refer to my cousin as Aunt Brandi and vice versa.  So these babies, oh my goodness I could kiss those little chubby cheeks everyday, all day. I mean really, Look at those kids! Sheesh. Aria and Layla are probably two of the funniest babies I have ever watched. They yell, laugh, scream, giggle, cough to mock your cough, dance, and try to steal your food. Typically Aria is the one that ends up sitting on Layla or stealing her toys. She likes to be held in your lap and know what you're doing. She will laugh with you or mock your laugh. Layla is a bit more independent. She loves to dance to the Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or just about any beat that she hears. She is the first one to wake up from their naps and she loves to take your glasses off your face. They are adorable and I love them. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm going to space in a rocket ship with pink space boots...

Odd title I know. I was reminded today that a kid's imagination is one of the most precious things in this world. As I took my seat today at my doctor's office to wait for my appointment a little girl, maybe 4 years old turned to me with a bright smile to say, "Hello!"

 She was adorable. She had curly hair that was braided into pigtails and she was talking to her mom about how she was going to go to space. Her mom told her that maybe when she gets a little bit older she could do that. The little girl turned to me to tell me, "I'm going to go to space and YOU get to come with me!" I smiled and told her that would be so fun! Her mom asked her what she would take with her to space and she sweetly said, "Well I would wear these pink boots because these are my space boots and I would wear these green socks too!" 

I was having an OK day up until this point. It's still freezing outside and this little blessing inside me is making my clothes not fit :/  She turned my day around and reminded me just how precious children's views of the world at that age can be. I wish I had pink space boots and neon green socks :) My brightly colored Asics tennis shoes will have to do. I left the doctors office in a much better mood. I reminded myself that it will get warm. I will get that to do list done. I just need to breathe and enjoy the day.

So however your day is going I hope you put on your pink space boots and see it a little brighter today. Spring can't be too far away, so cheer up. :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Hannah Colette Photography Blog! I'm glad you have stopped by. This is my first attempt at a blog so we will see how this goes :) 

I am hoping this can be a place where I share my thoughts, inspirations, stories and connect with you all. 

My business is growing strong and I couldn't be more excited. With my first baby on the way this is definitely the most exciting time of my life. I hope to share that excitement of my growing business and family with you along the way.  

Stay tuned! :) 

~ Hannah