Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm going to space in a rocket ship with pink space boots...

Odd title I know. I was reminded today that a kid's imagination is one of the most precious things in this world. As I took my seat today at my doctor's office to wait for my appointment a little girl, maybe 4 years old turned to me with a bright smile to say, "Hello!"

 She was adorable. She had curly hair that was braided into pigtails and she was talking to her mom about how she was going to go to space. Her mom told her that maybe when she gets a little bit older she could do that. The little girl turned to me to tell me, "I'm going to go to space and YOU get to come with me!" I smiled and told her that would be so fun! Her mom asked her what she would take with her to space and she sweetly said, "Well I would wear these pink boots because these are my space boots and I would wear these green socks too!" 

I was having an OK day up until this point. It's still freezing outside and this little blessing inside me is making my clothes not fit :/  She turned my day around and reminded me just how precious children's views of the world at that age can be. I wish I had pink space boots and neon green socks :) My brightly colored Asics tennis shoes will have to do. I left the doctors office in a much better mood. I reminded myself that it will get warm. I will get that to do list done. I just need to breathe and enjoy the day.

So however your day is going I hope you put on your pink space boots and see it a little brighter today. Spring can't be too far away, so cheer up. :)